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WELCOME to Financial Literacy “Simplify Money, Magnify Life” Training Package. With this training package, we can begin to promote basic financial literacy for those who want to learn and improve on their personal money management skills. The Financial Literacy training package is based on a learner-centered approach, capturing how adults learn best. It builds on what adult learners already know which makes the new content relevant to people’s lives and provides the opportunity to practice the new skills as they prepare to transfer knowledge to the target.

The Financial Literacy Training Package offers:

Trainer’s Guide: Provides detailed training content and instructions for the conduct of each training session in the module.
The Trainer’s Guide contains both background information to orient the trainer to the topic and step-by-step descriptions of learning activities for training. These learning activities include stories, exercises, small-group discussions and role-plays which actively engage the participants in the learning process. They also promote teamwork and learning from peers.

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Adaptation Guidance: Provides guidance on adaptation of content to the identified target
Before conducting financial literacy training, certain adaptations have to be done in relation to the trainees. The purpose of adaptation is to help different stakeholders deliver modules that are relevant to the institutional interest and their target. The materials developed are generic and have not put into consideration specific institutional missions, visions, goals, target market needs and demands, social and cultural regional realities and operational environment. The Adaptation Guidance provides step by step orientation as to how to adapt the contents of the trainer’s guide to your specific context.

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FL PowerPoint: Provides basic discussion of the topic in the modules
The FL PowerPoint includes slides with the basic information on all modules of the training package in a pedagogic way. Parts of the FL PowerPoint can be used during trainings. Trainers are encouraged to adapt the FL PowerPoint to their specific training needs.

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FL Content Booklets: Provide basic contents and exciting activities on all modules
The content booklets contain basic information on all financial literacy topics. Trainers can distribute them to training participants as background information during the training and for them to take home. The Content Booklets are kept very simple, for everyone to understand. They are based on the FL core messages but contain some additional interactive elements to make them more exciting for consumers. The Content Booklets can also be handed out as stand-alone information materials.
Master Trainer’s Manual: Prepares those who are to provide the training to trainers
The Master Trainer’s Manual is a companion to the Trainer’s Guide on the same theme. This volume presents a curriculum for training trainers of financial literacy. Its activities will prepare trainers to effectively facilitate the learning sessions in the guide, by orienting them both to the technical content and the training skills called for. Only those who have already participated in a regular training of trainers can qualify for becoming a Master Trainer. The Master Trainer’s Manual is available upon request, together with a specific Master Trainer’s PowerPoint presentation.

If you have Financial Literacy training materials that you would like to share on this website, please send them to:

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