Monitoring and Evaluation

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We seek to collect overall monitoring data as well as results from evaluations of financial literacy activities. This includes information on the nature of the financial literacy activity, the target group, the number of people reached and the impact measured (if any). This information will help us to:

  • Get an overview of financial literacy activities carried out in Uganda;
  • Provide adequate support to those engaged in financial literacy (e.g. developing supporting material or linking stakeholders);
  • Share lessons learned.

If you are implementing / have recently implemented a financial literacy activity, we would be grateful if you could share general information on it by completing our questionnaire.

The data collection constitutes one building block of the overall Monitoring and Evaluation approach under the Strategy.

To find out more about the overall Monitoring and Evaluation approach under the Strategy click here .

To get further guidance on Monitoring and Evaluation for your financial literacy activities, you can download the M&E guide here