FL Partners

On this page, we would like to list all relevant actors in the area of Financial Literacy in Uganda. This could help you if:
  • You would like to know who does what where;
  • You are looking for an organisation that can provide Financial Literacy trainings in your area;
  • You would like to engage in financial literacy activities in a certain region and would like to know who else is already working there;
  • You would like to offer trainings to a specific target group and would like to draw on the experience of those who have already worked with such groups.
If you / your organisation is working on Financial Literacy in Uganda, and you would like to be listed on this page, please click here.

XENO Investment Management

Our core service is investment management for both individual and institutions. Goal-based investing simply means investing with a well-articulated goal in mind.
Xeno Investment management is regulated and licensed by the capital markets authority and URBRA .
FL interventions: www.myxeno.com
Target Groups: 16-80
Target Areas: Entire Uganda
Contact: Tuhiirwe.Sharon.Tumushabe, Sharon.tumushabe@myxeno.com, 0773873231

Uganda cooperative Savings and Credit Union (UCSCU)

UCSCU is a national apex for Savings and Credit Cooperative organizations (SACCOs) in Uganda.
FL interventions: Collins Nyangaro is a certified financial literacy trainer by Bank of Uganda, and a Regional Manager in charge of Western Uganda at Uganda Cooperative Savings and Credit Union (UCSCU).

I have made countless financial literacy interventions in Western Uganda especially among women, youth.
Through SACCO general membership trainings and sensitisations, i have made a difference in the lives of many, helping them to put their finances in order thereby enabling them to save, invest and effectively plan for their old age.
At personal level, i have a mushroom growing project (called UNDUGU MUSHROOMS)as well as a piggery project PLUS backyard farming which i use to train the youth, women and organized community groups in enterprise development.
At Undugu Mushrooms and Piggery project, we appreciate that people learn better when they HEAR, SEE and DO. So i have set up a DEMONSTRATION AND RESOURCE CENTER which i use to demonstrate to my trainees that these projects are very possible, largely because they are;
* not capital intensive
* not labour intensive YET
- they have quick rate of return on investment
- highly nutritious
- highly medicinal
- Limited operational space required
- ready market
- good prices (8,000 to 10,000= per kg of fresh mushrooms)
- can be done at home
- Most importantly, they are not greatly affected by CLIMATE CHANGE

My passion to change people's lives earned me an All expenses paid trip to Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) in the Peoples Republic of China for an international course in Juncao Technology for Developing Anglophone countries, an intervention that the Chinese use to enhance mushroom production while averting the effects of climate change at the same time.

My passion for financial literacy has seen me voluntarily conduct FL in churches, Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), schools,regional workshops, companies, universities, District Local governments, Fishing villages,family fellowships, women's groups (like mothers union) and even (open)markets.

Together with a colleague(Fortunate Rukundo), we organize monthly Motivational talks in Rukungiri district (through the "ACHIEVERS' FORUM) where we invite other like-minded Inspirational speakers to discuss key topics regarding PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, ATTITUDE/MINDSET CHANGE,VALUES CLARIFICATION, PRUDENT INVESTMENT CHOICES,BUSINESS IDEAS, RETIREMENT PLANNING ETC

Further, i have already documented some of my financial literacy information in a magazine called "The treasure" and in the school magazine of Kyamakanda Secondary school in Rukungiri.

I have now started writing a book on mindset change as the key to financial freedom.

Further,i have also trained community change agents and model youth and practically demonstrated FL through personal initiatives like CUSTOMIZED Ms.EXCEL BUDGET TRACKERS which help people in tracking their finances.

Recently, i discovered a mobile App called "My Money Manager" which helps to one track their incomes and expenditure and automatically guide them in assessing their spending patterns through auto-generated pie-charts and graphs that compare different periods.
I have already shared this with so many colleagues (including some staff and trainers at BOU) and the results are impressive.

I could go on and on....

0782300601 / 0703919610
Target Groups: SACCO staff, committees, Community members
Target Areas: SACCOs
Contact: Collins Nyangaro, collinsnyangaro@gmail.com, 0772660205

Private Sector Foundation Uganda

Private Sector Foundation Uganda is the Apex body of the private sector in Uganda. Its mandated is focused on policy advocacy and capacity building for the private and public sectors. For the last six years PSFU has been at the apex of providing financial literacy training and advisory programs for the private sector in over 30 districts across Uganda and at least over 6000 SMEs have benefited from the programs provided by PSFU . In 2013 PSFU was recognized by Bank of Uganda under the Prof. Kikinyogo Awards as the top provider of financial literacy services across Uganda.
FL interventions: Six year program with Centenary Bank - Cente Business Life Program
Two year program - Cente SupaWoman Program
Target Groups: Private and Public sectors
Target Areas: Financial Literacy, Financial and Business Management
Contact: Esther Namukasa, esthersekindi@gmail.com, 0782886342

Young Farmers Coalition of Uganda

Young Farmers Coalition of Uganda (YOFACO) is a national member based umbrella organization of young farmers in Uganda. The organizations’ establishment was championed by the Young Farmers in Agriculture responding to the felt need to get organized and be able to collect and forward their issues at national level. YOFACO seeks to address Youth issues in agriculture as of lack of land, finance and market access through lobbying and advocacy for favorable pro-poor policies and strengthening youth farmer organization’s to engage and benefit from different agricultural activities. The association seeks to improve value chain management in Agriculture, promotion of farming as a business and youth entrepreneurship. In voicing the concerns of the youth in Agriculture, YOFACO aims at the improvement of their socio-economic status through promotion of regional integration, appropriate information exchange and enhancement of the role of young men and women in Agriculture.
FL interventions: Through the support from GIZ, YOFACO has 25 FL trainers, who are frequently engaged in creating FL awareness among the youth in agriculture and organising them into VSLAs. We always organise quarterly coffee nights-a platform for experience and knowledge sharing, advocating and training youth in agribusiness on FL using the FL games.
Target Groups: Youth
Target Areas: Country wide
Contact: Baluku Isaya, ibaluku@yofaco.or.ug, 0752900190

The Private Education Development Network (PEDN)

PEDN is a registered Ugandan non- profit organization that works with communities, youth and children both in school and out of school with the description below:-

Our Vision
“A Ugandan Society that is enterprising and

Our Mission Statement
To empower young people in Uganda through innovative and demand led entrepreneurial interventions that enable them transform their livelihoods and communities
Our Programs
PEDN operates under four program areas:-

1. Financial Inclusion

The goal of this program area is to enable youth have the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their personal finances well.

Through financial literacy workshops, newspaper articles, exposure visits to financial institutions, and live in school trainings; thousands of youth are encouraged to uphold personal financial management as well as start saving both formally and informally.

2. Vocational Skills Development
As the result of the current education system which is still aligned towards creating job seekers as than job creators.
This program aims at equipping youth with market-led vocational skills.

Through designing vocational skills training that are market oriented, the trained are able to sustain themselves as they will have the required skills to support the needs of their community.

3. Advocacy
Our advocacy activities are currently aligned towards working with the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) and other civil society organizations to ensure that Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion are mainstreamed into Uganda’s education curriculum

4. Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Development
Through partnering with well established business person’s in the community; the youth are mentored and encouraged into becoming successful entrepreneurs in the community.
FL interventions: The PEDN Strategic Objective Three focuses on financial literacy and aims at promoting Young people’s access to financial services, products and information increased through:-
- Engaging with financial institutions for youth exposure visits to bank halls under exposure visits
- Working under the Uganda Financial Literacy Working Group that is chaired by the Bank of Uganda.
- Organizing financial literacy workshops and training's for youth both in and out of school
- Use of media (website, social media, print media, television and radio) to transmit financial literacy messages
- Engaging with communities and parents to open child savings accounts for their children
Target Groups: Youth and Children
Target Areas: Central Uganda, Northern Uganda, Eastern Uganda
Contact: Ochatre Nixon, pedn@pedn.org, 0393291750

Advance Uganda Microfinance Limited

Advance Uganda Micro Finance Limited (AUMF) is a micro-finance institution established by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Uganda to render micro finance services to the economically active communities in underserved areas.

The founders of Advance Uganda include ADRA Uganda, who founded it in collaboration with ADRA Sweden who funded her establishment.

Advance Uganda registered with the government of Uganda in August 2004 as a Private Company limited by Guarantee and it also registered with the NGO board under the ministry of internal affairs as an NGO providing affordable credit services for self sustainability.

Advance Uganda provides clients with credit and training services with the sole aim of reducing poverty and improving self reliance especially among women. Since its inception Advance Uganda has so far opened six service centers located in Nansana, Wobulenzi, Kakiri, Bussi, Mityana, Abaita Ababiri and Kiboga where it serves over 4,000 customers.
FL interventions: We have quarterly community meetings with clients where we do financial literacy training and we are on Prime Radio every month with a talk show covering the 7 modules of financial literacy.
Target Groups: Medium to small income segments
Target Areas: Wakiso, Mityana, Kiboga and Luwero districts
Contact: Nakityo Pamela, pnakityo@yahoo.com, 0788706540

Advance Uganda Microfinance Limited

Advance Uganda Micro Finance Limited (AUMF) is a micro-finance institution established by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Uganda to render micro finance services to the economically active communities in underserved areas.

The founders of Advance Uganda include ADRA Uganda, who founded it in collaboration with ADRA Sweden who funded her establishment.

Advance Uganda registered with the government of Uganda in August 2004 as a Private Company limited by Guarantee and it also registered with the NGO board under the ministry of internal affairs as an NGO providing affordable credit services for self sustainability.

Advance Uganda provides clients with credit and training services with the sole aim of reducing poverty and improving self reliance especially among women. Since its inception Advance Uganda has so far opened six service centers located in Nansana, Wobulenzi, Kakiri, Bussi, Mityana, Abaita Ababiri and Kiboga where it serves over 4,000 customers.
FL interventions: Every quarter we hold community meetings with clients in the districts of Wakiso, Luwero, Mityana and Kiboga in which we do the trainings on Financial Literacy.
Also we have had talk shows on Prime Radio on a monthly basis educating the masses on the seven modules of Financial Literacy.
Target Groups: Medium to low income segments
Target Areas: Wakiso, Luwero, Mityana and Kiboga Districts
Contact: Nakityo Pamela Kabuuza, pnakityo@yahoo.com, 0788706540


Kyusa is a registered social enterprise in Uganda that empowers out of school youth in rural and urban slum communities to become employable. Kyusa addresses the lack of economic opportunities among out of school youth by empowering them to develop passion driven sustainable careers through an innovative, holistic program. The program uses free online courses, mentoring, skills development, financial literacy training and entrepreneurship training.
FL interventions: Financial literacy is at the heart of youth empowerment and entrepreneurship training. Interventions include:
- Business start up training
- Business accelerator program
- Business incubation
- Financial literacy training
- Life planning workshops
- Economic empowerment for teenage mothers
- Business planning training
- Mentoring and coaching
Target Groups: Youth and young adults including both men and women
Target Areas: Rural areas & Urban slums
Contact: Noeline Kirabo, noelinekirabo2@gmail.com, 0777200109

International Foundation for Recovery and Development (IFRAD)

The International Foundation for Recovery and Development (IFRAD) is a leading socio-economic development organization working with enterprising people and businesses to influence pro-development policies,organize communities for positive transformation and development in East Africa.It is a membership based organization founded and incorporated in Uganda in 2009. It is therefore mandated to operate all over the country and regionally.

IFRAD employs a private-sector-led approach towards development through stimulating issue based policy debates and advocacy, enhancement of community assets through capacity building, as well as building a sustainable business ecosystem.

1) Mission
At IFRAD, our mission is towork with enterprising people and communities, creating a conducive environment for asset-building, wealth creation and democratic engagement.

2) Vision

The efforts of IFRAD are built towards achieving fully developed and thriving communities that are able to independently grow and sustain themselves and their resources, thus envisioning;“Economically enterprising and peaceful communities”.

Website: www.ifrad.org
FL interventions: Business start-ups
Growing and expanding a business
In-school financial literacy
Target Groups: Women, Youth, Farmers, Scall scalle cottages
Target Areas: Private Sector Organizing, Financial Literacy, Micro Credit, Policy Research and Advocacy, Training and Business Advisory
Contact: Rita Ocen, prog.advisor2@ifrad.org, 0774561311

Amarin Financial Group

Amarin Financial Group is a youth owned and led company. It works in areas of financial literacy, financial planning, micro business accounting and business brokerage. With special interest in the agricultural sector, the company is exploring areas of work to improve personal and business financial literacy and management.
FL interventions: •Developed Products: Budgeting Diary, Budgeting App, Micro Business Accounting App
•Assessment of Farmer Groups, SACCOs & businesses for capacity to access loans, capacity building and linking them for loan opportunities
•Provide literacy training to clients; farmers, youth, children and other professionals
•Providing linkage for banking services, capital markets and agricultural markets
Target Groups: All
Target Areas: Uganda, East Africa and beyond
Contact: Kevin Asinde, kevin@amarinfinancial.com, 0758289012

Gulu Agricultural Development Co. Ltd

GADC is a limited liability company dealing in training, facilitating, equiping farmers as well as buying and selling agricultural produce mainly Cotton, Sesame, Sunflower and Chillies. GADC also gins cotton in Gulu and Kitgum.
FL interventions: We know farmers are our biggest suppliers and thus need to be financially empowered to manage the money they receive upon selling their crops. We trains the farmers on Budgeting, cost analysis, financial planning, savings and VSLA methodolies.
Target Groups: Farmers
Target Areas: Northern Uganda
Contact: Ogwang Steven Seagal, ogwangsteven@yahoo.com, 0782184456


Caritas Uganda was founded in 1970 and is the overall coordinating body for the socio-economic development of the Uganda Episcopal Conference.
FL interventions: PROMIC UGANDA was started in 2002 in Uganda and 2003 in Kabale Diocese with the purpose of promoting micro enterprises for small and micro entrepreneurs. PROMIC UGANDA was initiated by Catholic Women’s Bureau, an affirmative action department of Caritas Uganda, in partnership with Foundation Open-Hand Swisshand of Switzerland. The programme also aims at enabling less privileged women to access Micro-financial services for economic development. It encourages women to participate actively in developmental programmes in Uganda, and to promote a culture of savings with an intention of improving and expanding household economic standards of living.
Target Groups: all
Target Areas: areas of social services, development and advocacy with the main goal of providing emergency relief and rehabilitation, poverty eradication, HIV/AIDS prevention, improving community livelihood, promoting good governance, enhance organisational development and peacebuilding
Contact: Heike Nesner, heike.nesner@giz.de,

Blue Springs Uganda Limited

Business Consultancy Firm
FL interventions: Training for Trainer of Trainers
Target Groups: MFIs, Banks, Rural Population
Target Areas: Agricultural & Rural Finance
Contact: Gabriel Kamuge, gkamuge@gmail.com, 0774897789

Plan Uganda

Plan is an international child-centred community development organisation, working with children in developing countries, their families, communities, organisations and governments to bring about positive change. Plan values and advocates for child rights and creates opportunities for meaningful child participation. Plan has offices in 48 developing countries, including 23 in Africa. Plan also has 20 national offices that act as the organisation’s main fundraising arm, and perform a vital role in development education and advocacy to people, governments and international bodies in developed countries.

FL interventions: Plan is supporting several Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) across the country. Since 2013 Plan is implementing the project “A Working Future - Uganda” (AWF), the core objective of which is to support 12,000 young people (15 – 24 years) on this path by enlisting them in VSLAs as a starting point whilst working on other empowerment initiatives using a multi sectorial approach. One of the goals in AWF is to promote financial inclusion through the VSLAs with the potential of linking them to formal financial institutions. In order to achieve this goal, financial literacy is a key component.
Target Groups: Youth and Women
Target Areas: Kamuli and Tororo districts
Contact: Patrick Ssebbowa, patrick.ssebbowa@plan-international.org, +256 414 3005000

FRIENDS Consult Ltd

FCL is the consulting firm of choice in rural and propoor finance sector to provide the required technical assistance the four named areas;

Microfinance Capacity Building
1. Banking Sector
2. Corporate Business
3. Economic/Social Development
4. MSME Development

FRIENDS Consult Ltd (FCL) is an innovative, client responsive consulting firm. With over 80% of FCL’s projects having been undertaken in rural / pro-poor finance, the company has built a track record in delivering solutions to its customers and enjoys close relationships, trust and Confidence in the regional market with governments, development partners and the financial sector.
FL interventions: FRIENDS Consult Ltd has undertaken several trainings including;
Preparing for life after retirement
Personal Finance Management
Negotiation skills
Financial Management
Credit/Loan Management among others
Target Groups: Coporate and pro-poor communities
Target Areas: The Global Market
Contact: Akech Doreen Otedo, dakech@friendsconsult.co.ug,

Kezzi HeadStart

KEZZI HEADSTART is a multi discipline consultancy service provider. Our service provision competitive advantage stems from our ability to exhibit professionalism, honesty, excellent customer care, reliability, promptness, value for money and ability to provide quick solutions to complex challenges.

The work of KEZZI HEADSTART is closely integrated as a holistic package. KEZZI HEADSTART’s ongoing work in development helps communities provide such things as education, health, water/sanitation, and food security.


KEZZI HEADSTART focuses its financial services on the families and communities where we work. We serves people in need regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity. KEZZI HEADSTART predominantly focuses its attention in poor rural areas, because they are often more neglected and unable to get financial help.

In addition, KEZZI HEADSTART’s preferred target groups include:

• The hardworking poor who have a desire to be microentrepreneurs, but have never been given a chance. Helping them truly gives them a HeadStart. This practice helps the community to lift itself out of poverty more quickly than would otherwise occur.

• Microentrepreneurs with prior business skills. They are more likely to repay their loans and are a natural fit to be mentors and help implement best practices to new microentrepreneurs.

• Women Entrepreneurs. Many studies have verified that female entrepreneurs use their business income more for the needs of their children than male clients, and thus more readily help communities lift themselves out of poverty.

• Youth Entrepreneurs. Who are struggling to make ends meet and want to create something to sustain themselves other than struggling for the little or almost absent jobs


KEZZI HEADSTART provides the poor with financial choices. Through their work, a family is able to accumulate assets and build up their small businesses one step at a time. Their aim is to provide the necessary training and resources for each family to maintain the provision of food for their children, create savings for emergency needs, afford medical care for their family, build up their businesses and send their children to school.

As their financial prospects grow, families will have more options and can even access more advanced credit markets through KEZZI HEADSTART.

FL interventions: FL Interventions
1. Appreciation inquiry
2. Capacity building in Community Managed Microfinance.
3. Leadership development for sustainability and continuity of records.
4. Structural analysis of society
5. Entrepreneurship development
Target Groups: Corporate and pro-poor communities (Government parastatal , NGOs, CBOs, private companies, Self Affinity Groups, Individual)
Target Areas: NATIONWIDE
Contact: Kevin Zziwa, kezzi@kezzi.co.ug, 0772692251


It's a Multi-National Company dealing in Motor Industry. Selling brand new Toyota vehicles, Genuine spare parts and servicing and repairs Workshop and Body shop. It employees both Locals and foreigners.
FL interventions: How to manage our Finances better-The savings concept "you can make it", Investment-starting small and growing and how to manage a loan and considering insurance.
Target Groups: Toyota Employees and Toyota SACCO members.
Target Areas: Savings, Investment and Loan Management
Contact: NORAH KWIZERA NATOLOOKA, nkwizera@toyotaug.co.ug, 0772707159

AYANI Inclusive Financial Sector Consultants

A consulting company offering hand holding TA services to individuals in groups and networks of groups in practical savings and loans with proven track records for , transiting to formal financial institutions, demanding more sophisticated products, to financial institutions in incorporating identified recommended product features and regulations and supervision framework.
FL interventions: 1. Hand holding practical savings and credit management
2. Hand holding in transiting to formal financial institutions
3. Leadership development for continuity of records and replication
4. Product evaluation for recommendation of refinement from client experience
Target Groups: Self help groups, SMEs, financial institutions
Target Areas: East Africa and beyond
Contact: Clare Wavamunno, clarewava@gmail.com, 0752895918

Uganda Coffee Farmers Alliance

It is an apex organization of coffee farmers which provides services to its members. These essential services include linkages to extension services, inputs provision, access to finance, value addition and marketing.
FL interventions: Financial literacy training to strengthen record management capacity. Training in savings and credit.
Target Groups: Village level and sub county level farmer organizations.
Target Areas: Finance management, business planning, book keeping and financial literacy.
Contact: Tony Mugoya, tony.mugoya@ucfa.or.ug, 0772707903

KingDom-Prosperity Ltd.

KingDom-Prosperity Ltd. mainly deals with Financial Education, which it offers to individuals, groups and corporations whenever possible.
FL interventions: Trained mainly university students (Kyambogo University) on how to make and use money.
Shared tips with students in class on how to be successful in life.
Taught individuals practical financial education using Cashflow 101 board game.
Target Groups: Youth, corporates, schools and colleges, groups
Target Areas: Financial literacy/ education
Contact: King David Tusubira, ivasdking@gmail.com, 0772450856


Ugacof Limited, an affiliate member of Sucafina Services, works with thousands of smallholder coffee farmers countrywide on sustainability coffee projects aimed at increasing coffee productivity and quality for increased incomes. The projects demonstrate that farmer organizations have the capacity to turn around the fortunes of farmers and ensure increased incomes for individual farmers as well as increased foreign exchange earnings for the country.
FL interventions: Objectives of Ugacof Sustainability Projects: Ugacof sustainability projects have objectives which include but are not limited to the following:
1. To increase coffee productivity and overall production level of the smallholder farmers to meet the current and future market demands through Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).
2. To improve post harvests handling of coffee so as to ensure quality and enable farmers earn higher prices.
3. To establish support mechanisms to ease access to credit at descent rates and conditions, agro inputs, markets and market information
4. To increase the participation of women and youth in coffee production, value addition and marketing.
5. To strengthen and empower farmers’ groups to develop effective and efficient management practices and systems to ensure business viability and sustainability.
6. To increase area under coffee production by ensuring availability of clean planting material for planting new areas as well as replacing the very old unproductive trees
7. To improve market access for the coffee produced by the smallholder farmers through value addition by wet mill processing and certification
Target Groups: Ugacof is currently implementing sustainable coffee projects in different areas. For example; the projects; “Consolidating the economic viability and sustainability of smallholder coffee farmers is implemented in Buikwe, Kamuli and Kayunga districts; the Ugacof Specialty Washed Robusta Coffee project is implemented in greater Masaka (Lwengo, Masaka and Bukomansimbi) and Busoga region (Iganga, Mayuge); Enhancement of Specialty Coffee Production for Sustainable Agro Enterprise Development (ESCafe SAED) is implemented in Kayunga, Kamuli and Luuka Districts; and the project supporting smallholder coffee farmers to become sustainably viable entrepreneurs is yet to be implemented in the districts of Mukono and Buikwe beginning of January 2014.
Target Areas: Eastern and central districts of Uganda
Contact: ROBERT NANGATSA, rn@ugacof.com, 0753055541

TRIAS Uganda

TRIAS is a Belgian development organisation that works to improve the livelihood security and well being of family farmers and small scale entrepreneurs by supporting their member based organisations.
FL interventions: Through the Saccos and MFI's we promote access to finance by the family farmers and small scale entrepreneurs. In addition to supporting our partners provide appropriate financial services, our partners also train the target group in improving their financial capability
Target Groups: Small holder farmers and small scale entrepreneurs
Target Areas: Bunyoro and West Nile
Contact: Januario Ntungwa, januario.ntungwa@triasngo.be, 0782384060

Jecon Group of Companies Ltd

Jecon is a consulting and capacity building firm.Jecon has expertise in Financial literacy, Micro finance, Project Management, Institutional assessment,Organizational Evaluation and skilled based training.
FL interventions: To provide training to our clients who includes; Employees and clients of financial institutions, village organized groups, Village Farmers Groups and local governments

We adopt the FL materials for the target groups.
Target Groups: Employees and clients of financial institutions, village organized groups, Village Farmers Groups and local governments
Target Areas: The whole of Uganda
Contact: Aruko Vicky, Arukov@yahoo.com, 0793652051

Kampala Naguru Rotary Club

Rotary is a non profit organisation providing services to the local communities.
FL interventions: The focus is on financial empowerment through the creation of a savings culture and through using the little available resources. Rotary first engages the leaders of the communities who then gather the community for a meeting where they will be taught the essentials of financial literacy.
Target Groups: youth, farmers, teachers, students
Target Areas: Hoima Kabwooya, Bushenyi, Mbale, Naguru Godown
Contact: David Asiimwe, davidasiimwe1@gmail.com, 0752864973

BRAC Uganda

BRAC Uganda is an international NGO which began in Bangladesh 1972. It is now using a holistic approach reaching to the poor.
FL interventions: Financial Literacy is given to the youth to improve in their social life and economic welfare. BRAC trains club leaders (mentors) who then offer the training to their peers. More than 300 mentors were trained who each trained up to 30 youth.
Target Groups: youth and rural communities
Target Areas: whole of Uganda
Contact: Salama Hussein Nasoor, snasser24@yahoo.com, 0756612123

Mountains of the Moon University

Mountains of the Moon University is a higher institution of learning based in the Rwenzori region with a vision of learning, research and community service.
FL interventions: Training of university students and staff on financial literacy and encouraging them to form savings clubs; training of communities in form of microfinance and other organised groups (300+)
Target Groups: youth and rural communities
Target Areas: Rwenzori region
Contact: Tibihikirra Priscilla, shillakabs@yahoo.co.uk, 0704747057

Professional Enterprise Skills Services Ltd

Consultancy firm that offers Institutional development and organisational strengthening consultancy services. These include: Financial literacy curriculum development, adaptation, training; Evaluation; Research studies; Product development; Business planning; Development of Information, Education and Communication (IEC)Materials; to mention but a few
FL interventions: Facilitated FL TOT to over 70 AMFIU members with support from AMFIU; Developed, adapted and translated FL curriculum for Habitat for Humanity Uganda; Adapted FL curriculum for Stromme East Africa Microfinance; Delivered FL trainings to over 10 MFIs with support from aBi Trust; Designing, Editing and Translating of Assorted Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for Financial Education Project of Habitat for Humanity; Facilitated FL TOT for BOU/GIZ; Facilitated TOTs with support from Trias.
Target Groups: Financial sector and the NGO world
Target Areas: Africa
Contact: Immaculate Mbabazi Tumwine, immatumwi@yahoo.com, 0772455894

Kilimo Trust

Kilimo Trust is an independent organization working on agriculture for development across the East Africa Community (EAC) Region – in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda – and more recently in the new Republic of South Sudan.
FL interventions: Capacity building of farmers institutions in Financial Literacy: savings, groups formation for collective savings and borrowing, records keeping e.t.c
Target Groups: Various actors across food value chains
Target Areas: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda
Contact: Lilian Githinji, lgithinji@kilimotrust.org, 0783323328

Masterlinks Uganda

Masterlinks provides training and consulting services to public and private organisations. Services include financial literacy, computer & management training, business process re-engineering and computer systems support.
FL interventions: A summary:
1. Uganda Rural Financial Services Programme,
2. Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda,
3. Financial Consumer Education (a DFiD programme),
4. National Teachers Union,
5. Kyamuhunga People’s Development SACCO,
6. Muhame Financial Services,
7. St James Cathedral, Church of Uganda, Mbarara,
8. Mitooma Town Council,
9. Lyantode Town Council
10. Arua Catholic Social Centre, and many others
Target Groups: Schools, churches, financial institutions, rural communities
Target Areas: Education, telecommunications and Faith-based organisations
Contact: Oden Musinguzi, odk88@yahoo.com, 0712977249

GIZ AGRUFIN Programme Uganda

GIZ is a federal enterprise, implementing projects mainly on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, all around the world. The GIZ AGRUFIN programme in Uganda is focusing on increasing access to financial services for the rural population.
FL interventions: GIZ is supporting Bank of Uganda in spearheading and coordinating the Strategy for Financial Literacy in Uganda. GIZ is further actively contributing to some of the priority activities (e.g. integration of FL into the revised lower Secondary Schools curriculum; National Secondary Schools performing Arts Festival; piloting FL via the radio and text messages with mercycorps; piloting FL at universities with Mountains of the Moon University, etc.)
Target Groups: all
Target Areas: nationwide
Contact: Lisa Peterlechner; Ali Taha, lisa.peterlechner@giz.de,
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